Professional Self Defence Training.
Personal Safety - Personal Protection.

“People with courage and conviction are equipped to dispel fear or foe.”

Created and developed by Master Coach Joe Segar


Master Coach Joe Segar began his martial arts training in 1990 choosing Wing Tchun Kung Fu as his primary system.  Joe has also studied boxing, the major grappling arts and modern field combat. 

His exposure to violent confrontations via his Security Management role inspired him to develop the Personal Safety and 'Street-Smart' training programs.    

To support the human behavioral theory, Joe has researched the psychology of conflict and emotional intelligence. Both aspects compliment and balance the practical side of the training. 

What continues to motivate Joe is the joy and reward of seeing previously fearful individuals reverse the victim mode and 'take the power back'.

Joe's coaching style is a fusion of education, enrichment and entertainment.

His current and past clients include: Shrewsbury House School, Surbiton. Hampton Boys School, Old Palace Girls School Croydon, Frimley Medical Centre GP's training, Roffe Swayne Accountants Godalming, Woking Social Services, Surrey Natural Practitioners Group and many management professionals who have undertaken one-2-one personal training.