Professional Self Defence Training.
Personal Safety - Personal Protection.

“People with courage and conviction are equipped to dispel fear or foe.”

Hampton Boys School. 15th June 2012.

Second Year boys get lessons in personal safety.

The 'street-smart' sessions aim to help the boys recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations


All of the Second Year boys attended the personal safety training which is run by martial arts coach and security specialist, Joe Segar.
Joe explained to the 12 and 13 year olds that the key to avoiding confrontation is brain power; thinking, before they go out somewhere, of the potential risks and how these can be avoided.
He suggested that the boys try to go out in groups, keep money and personal belongings out of view and always be conscious of their surroundings.
The coach acknowledged that in today's world, avoidance might not always be successful and that the boys might have to use self defence techniques to help them get out of a difficult situation.


The Second Years learnt a range of protective moves, designed to deflect their attacker and give them time to run away.
Joe Segar praised the Second Years for their maturity during the session and their attitude towards their personal safety. He said being 'street-smart' is a vital lesson for today's young teenagers:

"At this age youngsters are looking for greater freedom and are thus starting to take bigger risks. The key to keeping themselves safe is awareness and avoidance. I always tell them - use your brain and your feet!”